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Boyer here.

I've decided that uploading the comics by the original date they were to take place on is a bad idea. So I'm shuffling about the comics. I might take them down, except for Issue #0's cover. Why? I want to upload them in order with a recent upload date and get the comic on the update page. No one knows we exist. Okay, two people. Two, ha. And besides, the comics'll be out of order once I upload the rest of Issue #0 here (once they're complete). Hmm... I should wait until I've got issue #0 ready. Anyway, in the future, I'll be doing maintenance. So, you know, just in case there's something confusing going on here ... at that time ... in the future.

In other news: HEROES CONVENTION, CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA!!!! You going? CNCGB will be there with other GB fans in full flightsuit, if we can. See you then!

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